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Graphical user interface

OakVar's graphical user interface (GUI) is launched by

ov gui

A web server will be started on the terminal and your default web browser will open a new tab, which will show the graphical user interface of OakVar.

The log output of the web server will be at wcravat.log file under conf_dir shown by ov system config. Also,

ov gui --debug

will display any error the server encounters on the terminal as well.

OakVar GUI has two tabs, Jobs and Store.


In Jobs tab of OakVar GUI, you can submit jobs and launch interactive result viewer for individual jobs.


In Store tab of OakVar GUI, you can install and uninstall OakVar modules as well as explore the details of each module. OakVar's web store brings OakVar's own modules as well as OpenCRAVAT's modules.

Result Viewer

ov gui with a path to an OakVar result SQLite database file will launch the OakVar result viewer. For example,

ov gui sample_1.vcf.sqlite

will launch the OakVar result viewer on the analysis data in sample_1.vcf.sqlite.

Just-DNA-Seq group wrote a very nice tutorial on using OakVar GUI. Please refer to their doc for more details of using OakVar GUI.